Backing up images or installing images on your DT

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Backing up images or installing images on your DT

Post by quotaholic » Sun May 24, 2009 7:29 am

This method uses a small linux operating system to interface to your DT. Once booted you will have a terminal to work with. You will need a usb hub, keyboard, and a couple of thumb drives. 

The following was taken from Volkswagners original post
I just made a new USB boot device using the newly released Slax 6.1.1

I downloaded the USB version, extracted it to my USB, ran the /boot/ to make it bootable.

I added the new Slax USB to my USB hub along with keyboard and mouse, and second USB drive containing quotaholics Slacware IceWM.img file.  I then connected it to the WebDT.

When booting the Slax USB hit the esc key to get a boot prompt.  At the prompt enter

slax vga=771

This will get you a text login, where you can enter root for user name an toor for the password.

You now have a fully functional terminal which when running


fdisk -l

reads the internal /dev/hda properly.  Wahoo.......No more 15min boot of Ubuntu 7.04/7.10

I did try to run startx  in the terminal to see what the graphical environment had to offer.  I waited nearly twenty minutes but never got a desktop, all the while my Slax USB stick showed activity by flashing light.

Enjoy the 3minute terminal all you dd hounds.


This method will work for transferring in a linux image or backing up any current images on the internal flash. One must manipulate the dd command to reflect source and target. A command that backs up an existing image may may look like this:

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dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sda1/oem-operating-system.DT366.dd
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