USB Drive Problems?

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USB Drive Problems?

Post by quotaholic » Sun May 24, 2009 7:47 am

Some usb drives I have work. Some do not. The below quotes may be of use to you if you are experiencing problems with your usb device. Please note that early bios versions did not allow usb booting.Version 1.18 is known to be a good version.
There have been so many complaints when booting from usb flash drive because there flash structure might be too advanced for the webdt. To solve this problem make your webdt think your usb flash drive is a udsb cdrom drive.

download: ... _CDROM.rar

Use winrar extract to folder and follow the steps on the text file.

Then install whatever, like you were installing on a usb flash drive.
For example nimblex linux, i would install this application aforementioned above on my usb drive  then i would follow the steps with nimblex.
I had a similar issue, I think the DT366 can only boot from the first part of the drive. If the file needed to boot is later in the drive it will fail. I worked around this by using a small 8MB? Fat partition at the beginning of the usb disk that held syslinux, the linux kernel and initrd after this small partition was a big ext3 partition that was my root partition.

Incidentally the reason the CD hack works because they boot using a similar process, a bootable cdrom contains a file that emulates a huge floppy


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