Recommended Firefox Plugin - "Grab And Drag"

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Recommended Firefox Plugin - "Grab And Drag"

Post by matt » Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:28 pm

Hi there,

Hopefully some of you have a mozilla-based browser installed on your WebDT. I have just found a great plugin that allows you to scroll the screen by dragging anywhere - somewhat like an iPhone or other touchscreen phone.

I'm running puppy linux, and I have to say that Firefox is actually disasterously slow on the WebDT. Instead, I have been running SeaMonkey 2.0rc1, available for puppy users here:

Unfortunately, life is not always so simple. The grabanddrag plugin won't install under SeaMonkey without a bit of fooling. It's easy though;

1) Download the grabanddrag plugin to somewhere on your computer

2) Change the 'xpi' extension to 'zip'

3) Extract the zip contents

4) Open the 'install.rdf' file in a text editor

5) Add these lines within the 'Target Application' section. You'll see Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. entries there also;

Code: Select all

	<!-- SeaMonkey -->
6) Make a new zip file from these modified files, or just drag the modified 'install.rdf' to your original zip file.

7) Rename the 'zip' back to 'xpi'

8) Install from within SeaMonkey.


This method forces the install. I take no responsibility for a crashy browser or other issues you may have. I tested this under SeaMonkey 2.0rc1 and had no problems. I didn't modify any of the Grab and Drag preferences so I can't guarantee that certain functions will work. You can force install of other Firefox addons this way but, again, don't be surprised if they don't work. Sometimes developers leave out SeaMonkey from the Target Applications due to minor bugs or an unwillingness to fully support SeaMonkey.


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Re: Recommended Firefox Plugin - "Grab And Drag"

Post by drinkypoo » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:41 am

Renders Seamonkey 2.0.10 unusable, no pages load, menu doesn't work, etc. Had to remove manually from the profile.

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Re: Recommended Firefox Plugin - "Grab And Drag"

Post by detWDes » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:40 pm

I have tried the plug-in to my browser and I found it a bit complicated to use. Besides that it makes my browser a bit slow and having weird processes like flickering and sometime hang-ups. As a result I uninstall the plug-in and reinstall the browser because some errors still occur.

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