Re-install OS on DT360 Atigo S

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Re-install OS on DT360 Atigo S

Post by imritebehindu » Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:20 am

Hi, my OS is corrupt, it will not boot, it did have Windows CE on it. I work in I.T and have rebuilt many devices but I am at total loss with this. Are there some secret sequences of buttons that I am not aware of? I have a bootable USB Windows 7 installer which I was hoping it would boot off, but no. There is no ethernet for pxe boot. Stuck.

Please help otherwise this paperwright is going in the bin.


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Re: Re-install OS on DT360 Atigo S

Post by Dave7341 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:38 am

I never have enough paper weights - for the right price.  You can not run Win 7 on the 360/Atigo S - only WIN CE, XPe or XP Pro WEBDT Edition.

There are MANY tricks with these devices.  Read the forum to find them.  Here's a few:

First you need a USB hub, keyboard, mouse, USB CD drive.  Plug it all in and turn on the tablet.  Keep clicking the F1 key as soon as you turn it on until you go into the BIOS.  Go down to BOOT ORDER and add in your USB CD and the USB hard/flash drive before the HARD DRIVE (internal).  You can run PUPPY linux 4.31 off the CD in live mode.  Use the tools like gparted, fdisk, grub etc to look at the internal unit to determine the OS.  Is it XP and it just lost the boot sector?  If so, boot up an XP CD and use the recovery console to run the "bootfix" utility to fix the boot sector.  If you are running some other OS then you can snoop around the drive to figure it out.  You could also use the Puppy installer to format and install Puppy to the internal flash or external USB drive.  The Penmount drivers for *nix are available here:  Puppy can run off a USB stick too.  There are imaging tools like DD.  version 4.31 works best - look for "pup-431-small.iso" as it's under 100mb.

Since you work in IT I have been very brief - you'll know what to do once you get into it.

READ THE POSTINGS ON THE FORUM - you will not find better information.

Let me know if you need more info, good luck.  -Dave

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