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DT368 specs

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:10 pm
by quotaholic
The WebDT368 / Atigo T came with the same horizontal 40 pin IDE internal flash the the DT366 came with. The CPU was a Transmeta Conroe clocked at 1GHZ. These units came with a variety of options. Most were preloaded with Windows XPe, some ran XP Pro.

Here is a link to a cut sheet:

Re: DT368 specs

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:02 am
by howie368
Detailed hardware list:

CPU - Transmeta TM5800 1Ghz
    Supported instruction sets - IA MMX, CMPXCHG8B, Conditional move instruction
    CPUID features - Debugging extension, Fast system call, Longrun, Longrun Table interface, Page size extension, virtual mode extension
    L1 Cache - 96kb Sync
    L2 Cache - 512 Kb Sync

Motherboard - Transmeta micro ATX TM-Q302
    CAS latency - 1T
    RAS to CAS latency - 1T
    RAS precharge - 1T
    ALi M5229 PCI ide bus controller
    ALi M1533 PCI-ISA Bridge
    Texas Instruments PCI-1520 PCMCIA cardbus Controller
    ALi M7101 Power management Controller
    ALi M5237 PCI to USB open host Controller
    NEC PCI to USB open host controller

Memory - 256mb (total) effectively less due to CMS reserved memory, set in bios
    Read benchmark - 618mb/s pc133 equivalent
    Write benchmark - 237mb/s pc133 equivalent   
BIOS - Phoenix (10/29/04)

Video - Silicon Motion LynxEM+ SM712
    4Mb memory
    24bit max color depth
Audio - ALi M5451

Touchscreen - Penmount 9000 Serial

Wireless - Cisco Aircard 350