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Post by quotaholic » Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:24 pm

Hello Everyone,

Been busy working on a one gigabyte chip and making some discoveries as I went. Thanks to tkmedia I received an upgrade to my internal storage and saw a significant speed increase in both write and read times. Firefox went from a program that took 20 seconds to open to a 12 second experience on a fresh boot.

Here is a 1 gb version of Debain 5 LXDE 1.2

This is packed with all sorts of things. Please bear in mind that I am endeavoring to work with bluetooth more and I live with a cell phone tech so we have a full line of bluetooth utilities on this one.

Included Software:

LXDE - Window manager/ Desktop environment
PCMan File manager
MC - File manager
Gpicview - Image viewer
Audacious - Music player
VLC - Media player
Iceweasel Web browser
Wicd Network Manager
pyWvDial Cellular modem dialer
BlueMan-1.10 Bluetooth Utility
Kismet Wifi Scanner
Wavemon - Wifi scanner
Naim - Aim client
Irssi - IRC client
FBreader - Book reader
ePDFview - PDF viewer
Anyremote - Remote control applications
Ganyremote - Gui for anyremote
Xvkbd - On screen keyboard
Gkrellm - Systems monitor
Leafpad - editor

Buttons are working on this one. To get bluetooth updated I hadto update to SId aka debian testing. Some things are buggy especially pcmanfm on top level directories. Use MC when you run in to problems. In order to get buttons working a keymapping had to be implemented. I dont think this is 100 percent but it works. Splashy needs work on this image. Bear in mind that this is debian "testing".

Install with slax-1.1 tool (following tutorial on how to dd with slax) and use:


Code: Select all

dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/hda
MD5 is in the archive. Please seed the torrent if you are using the image.

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Re: Debian5-WebDT366-LXDE-1.2-1gb

Post by quotaholic » Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:43 pm

I am starting on a 1/2 gig version of this image tonight. I JUST learned how to build bluetooth package so it works and makes pair with devices. As well as getting buttons to work. Hope to have something for the early part of the week.


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Re: Debian5-WebDT366-LXDE-1.2-1gb

Post by ionbladez » Sun Jun 14, 2009 2:04 pm

Thanks I was totally hoping a 500 meg image would be made.
The bluetooth utilities is all I need since I can use my 1gb cf now for programs and stuff.

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