How to convert .LZM's to .MO's

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How to convert .LZM's to .MO's

Post by Fleegman » Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:29 pm

You can convert any LZM to an MO , it's a bit time consuming but you can do it.  Here are the steps:

1. Download the LZM you want to convert and save it to a USB stick or alternative location
2. Boot into either NimbleX 2008 or Slax 6.0.9
3. Navigate to the folder that contains the LZM you want to convert
4. Press "F4" to open a console
5. Type "unsquashfs filename.lzm"
6. The LZM will be "unsquahsed" and a folder called "unsquashed-something" will be created
7. Rename the folder accordingly
8. Copy the folder onto a USB stick or another partition
9. Reboot into NimbleX2007 or Slax5
10. Navigate to the folder you just "unsquashed"
11. Press "F4" to open a console
12. Type "MO2DIR foldername"
13. The folder will be converted to a .MO file
14. Copy the newly created .MO file onto the USB stick under the "modules" sub-folder
15. Restart your WebDT with the new USB stick modules content
16. Wait
17. Enjoy your new .MO files

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