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DT 366 - 30% Speedup with BIOS Settings

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2009 9:35 pm
by ionbladez
Ok everyone, I know this may sound crazy but you can actually speed up whatever you're running on your WebDT 366 just messing with the BIOS!

Today I was wondering to myself, "Hey, there has to be a reason why this is hitting super slow speeds..."

It's simple:
4 Settings will speed up your DT, 30%! *(At least it seems so!)

1. open your BIOS
Ok, the hard part is done.
Go to Power management:
set "CPU Clock Gating:" to "Performance"
This really doesn't matter for battery life, I know it sounds like it will consume more power, but on mine it does not (I have my plugged in most of the time, but offline it is just about the same.)

Make sure "Chipset Clock Gating" is "Enabled"
This setting makes the motherboard's other things to run after the CPU is finished with the task.
It also means to make the board control the CPU which will allow some OS programs to have access to the CPU clocking - which means possible over-clocking if we ever find a program.

Set "S1 Clocks Off:" to "Yes"
Return to main menu
the S1 Clock is a chip controlled by the CPU that is pretty much useless for ANYTHING required by the DT and takes up 2 - 10% cpu usage when it's idle.

go to Memory and Cache setup

Select Cache Mode: change it to "Write-through"
This will tell the FLASH to be written to only when it's NECESSARY.

Save the settings and exit.

Enjoy your new speed!

Mine's running E17 and lighting fast! (well, almost lightning fast)

Re: DT 366 - 30% Speedup with BIOS Settings

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:58 am
by plane_crazy

Are you sure you are in the right forum? Not one of your posts have been on topic.

There are no sticks of RAM or slots, and I sure wish my DT366 had a dual core 4.5!