is this like a PDA??

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is this like a PDA??

Post by ehofehof » Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:28 pm

I have an iPaq HX2795b which I am looking to upgrade-from to a tablet and/or netbook with equivalent or superior Windows features/capabilities.
This seems to be a pretty closed community (forums) and the only answer I could find generally outside of here was:
"WinCE5 and WM5 are the same under different naming conventions"
---Which I am beginning to doubt - I could find no meaningful mention of WinCE "Plus" or "Pro", which is apparently the standard on the DT366.  ("Windows CE Pro Plus 5.0")

my iPaq specs: Windows Mobile 5.0
OS 5.1.1702 (Build 14366.1.0.1)
c 1996-2005 on an ARM920T PXA27x

Can someone tell me if this
"DT Research DT366 TABLET PC Windows CE - Wifi Bluetooth"
which is all over ebay would be an upgrade or downgrade or no-way ????

In particular I need:
"good" bluetooth, -stereo-headphone capable
WiFi, that is reliable
and sync capability including of MS Outlook (2002,2003)
with my regular PC (XP,Vista, W7)


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Re: is this like a PDA??

Post by quotaholic » Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:12 pm

If you are looking for superior windows functionality and features I would say get a netbook running windows 7. The DT366 has a very limited install of WinCE on it. It was featured to primarily act as a thin client above most other functionality. Many apps available for both wince and windows in general wont run on the DT366. Search the windows forum for the DT366 and you can see some of the apps that people have shared that do work. It also is very hard to save data to with CE on it and have that data available for the next boot. A CF card is pretty easy solution however you may value your PDA after trying a DT366 out for the same functionality.

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